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oh shit man! I actually cleaned up! its all twisted now but its all in folders!

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  • Mood: I Have To Pee
  • Listening to: Rammstein
  • Reading: horrible history-the awesome egyptians
  • Watching: youtube
  • Playing: tekken tag 2 -farcry 3/4
  • Eating: pasta
  • Drinking: monster energy
yup,im bored =P


- Pick 8 of your OCs. If you don’t have enough OCs borrow yer friends's char or whatever.
- Don't look at the [number]s in the question while picking the order of your characters.
- Link back to the blank.
- Have brains! Braaaaains...


1. Dallis
2.  Ramirez
3.  Onyx
4.  Sky
5. Neroepe
6. Daniel
7. Hapu
8. Metal


1. [1]Dallis, [2]Ramirez, [5]Neroepe and [6]Daniel was playing card inside a room when [3]Onyx frantically ran in, slammed the door shut, closed all of the windows and yelled that the zombie apocalypse had happened.
Ramirez:.....are you high again?
Neroepe: maybe I should have gave him those herbs,you go crazy on that stuff *chuckles*
Dallis and Daniel: *looks worried*

2. After checked the news, the group tried to put together a temporary zombie survival kit by items inside the room: a set of playing card, a coffee table, a tea set, four cushions, two empty plastic bottle, one bottle of pepsi (full), a piece of pizza, a box of tissue, a household electric floor fan, a TV, a PS4, a laptop, eight pens, a wooden hair comb, four window curtains, a life-size cardboard cutout of Daryl Dixon and a cat. Their cellphones had no signal and the lights just went out.
Ramirez: ......time to eat the cat?

3. The group carefully went outside to find better equipment, armed mostly with their gut and whatever information they could find about the zombies on the Internet before the power fell. They faced their first zombie, a half-naked hot lady in a bathroom!
Onyx: damn! and I thought this shit is ganna be bad!
Dallis: *rolles eyes*
Daniel: maybe if I take a sample of her saliva I-
Ramirez: bad idea my friend,science wount get you anywhere it-
Neroepe: if you want a "sample" go for it *points at zombies sharp teeth*

4. Phew! It stepped on a bar of soap and hit its own head. The group continued and arrived at a kitchen. [5]Neroepe unknowingly stepped on a trap and found him/herself hanging upside down. When the group was struggling to take him down, a seemingly threatening guy/girl with an ax on hand entered the scene...
Neroepe: *hangs upside down* who ever made this was a genius,im twice as heavy as a normal one! oh hello,did you made this»

5. The ax guy/girl was [4] Sky and he she was the one who set the trap. [4] claimed that he/she was testing out some zombie-catching method.
sky: oops,sorry guys! and thanks Nerry,glad ya can find it funny

6. Without warning, a big zombie - formerly football player - jumped out and attacked [5]. Before the group had a chance to react, [4] hacked its head off.
Sky: ive got blood on my fucking shoes! (quotes! quotes fer ever!)

7. Impressed by [4]'s technique, [1] tried to convince [4] to join their group by telling a bunch sob stories about their dead friends and relatives.
Dallis: -and then Onyx skinned the cat and I had to-
Sky: dall,shut up,your my brother! I know you! and ofcourse I will join this *gestures group* party

8. [4] agreed to join the group. As a gesture of peace, [2]Ramirez invited him/her to try something he/she cooked him/herself (they were in the kitchen, after all).

Sky: lemme guess,you made chicken?
Ramirez: did you know?
Sky: your a voodoo priest,you kill chickens everyday,and keep a few of them with you....
Ramirez:.......ah ja..... 

9. All feed and stock up on better weapon taken from the kitchen, the group resumed their tour. They came across three cheerleader zombies fighting a funny mascot. Deduced that someone alive was inside the suit, the group assaulted the cheerzombies.
Sky: is that a centaur mascot?
Neroepe: *lets out a high pitched hyena giggle* then I know who it it,are you in trouble again,honey?!
Onyx: lemme handle this *pulls out a machete and quikly deals with the zombies*

10. [7]Hapu lifted up the head of the mascot suit and thanked the group. He/she discloses a notebook he/she found. It contains a hand-drawn map with an area marked as "Haz lezz zombiez!!".

Hapu: *grunts* well comment on the suit,but look at this....
Neroepe: *holds to Hapu's arm* .....even I write better then that!

11. A member of the group climbed up a tree and saw more and more zombies were approaching them, probably because their group was the largest group of yummy living beings around here. [4] declared that they should left soon and pointed out a path to a military base on his/her map. 

Dallis: *jumps out of a tree* hate to brake it for you guys but.....theres a shit load of braineters coming!
sky: don't worry! we can go to this mililitary base here!
Daniel: you had that marked out all along already?

12. When the group was running away from zombie and debating on which paths should they take, a huge advertisement board fell out of its pole for no reason other than the invisible force of the screenwriter. [4]Sky pushed [3]Onyx out of the way.
"invisible force attack! "
Sky: Onyx! watch out! *pushes him and crashes*
Onyx: *falls on the floor and dramaticly pulls out his arm to Sky* noooo!

13. Injured at the legs at a result, [4] decided to give the group his/her map and stay behind, fight off the zombies to buy the group time. What did [4] say to the group before they were separated?
Sky: aw fuck it,you guys go on! be fierce! be brave! and Dallis,get laid please....

14. The group escaped the zombie-infested ward. They examined the notebook they found and decided to check out the "Haz lezz zombiez!!" area first since it was close to [4]'s path anyway. Things seemed going smoothly. They easily defend themselves against the little among of zombie they met.
*insert a lot of writing with the dudes making jokes,finding porn mags and walking on background music*

15. Unexpectedly, the group found themselves surrounded by many strange-looking zombie. Turned out the zombie in this area was different from the other zombies. They were faster, smarter and 
particularly deadly!

*insert a lot of writing with the dudes running around screaming,shooting and slashing*

16. Out of ammo, our survivors were cornered by the new zombie breed. The situation looked grim. [3]Onyx asked [6]Daniel to marry him/her.

Onyx: *drops on his knee,infront of Daniel* Dann,im very sorry for all the things ive done to you,like placing those crabs in your bed and mixing lsd in your coffee,but when shit goes over,I really wanna be yours and marry you and-
Ramirez: *whispers to Neroepe* ive done arrowroot in his coffee a while ago *grins*
Daniel: *turns slightly pale*

17. Suddenly, armed men with big guns and helicopters
 and stuff rushed in and killed every undeads in sight. [8], part of the armed troop, asked if our survivors are okay.
Metal: *dramaticly takes off his sunglasses,grinning his teeth white* you're oke?
Dallis: *swoons down on the ground*

18. The group was invited to the armed force's base
Due to limited space, there was only one rooms available for the group. It had a standard bunk bed and each mattress was barely enough for one person. Who spent the night on the floor that night?
Dallis,but he bunks with Metal ofcourse =)

19. [1] Dallis woke up early the next morning and went up to the terrace to get some fresh air. [1] met [8]Metal there and [8] lent [1] a pair of binoculars to observe the scenery. [1] spotted someone - or something - that looked like [4]Sky stumbling at the distance. 
Metal: im surprised to see you this early *grins naughty*
Dallis: shut it and lemme take a look........aint that sky?
Metal: always the ex that ruins shit

20. [4] was getting closer and the armed force was ready to shoot the zombie. But [4] appeared to be a non-zombie. He/she was restrained just in case and taken inside.
.....tja,what shall I write now then? besides that this meme dossnt suck,I do =P

21. Turned out that [4] didn't go zombie despite bitten multiple times because his/her body developed an immunity to the zombie virus. [8] informed the group that an injection can be developed by study [4]. It won't magically cure all of the zombies, but can prevent anymore people from getting infected. 
yay! way to go sky!

22. The apocalypse is over (for now)! Tag someone or show the [5] cleaning off the street full of dead dead bodies to end the meme:
Neroepe: *grumbles* its just fucking racist! only because im a taur!

oh my god this was baaaaad,im sorry if ya've red it all
......and im still bored


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