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thanks fer taking a look dude whos reading this,but please don't look at the shit at the end,its so old and badly drawn,im almost ashamed of it =)
and if yer looking fer my new stuff,I think its in the folders,not all,im too lazy to clean it up =)

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  • Reading: harry potter
  • Watching: the far cry experiance
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1. Choose a few of your own characters.
2. Make them answer the following questions.
3. Feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself!!

Characters Chosen:
1. Who/What are you?
Metal: seriously,this shit again?
Dallis: mety,come on...
Metal: stop calling me "Mety" it sounds like we have a relationship!
Daniel: to keep it easy,im Daniel,they black/white one is Metal and the blond one is Dallis,we are werewolves...
2. Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Metal: Daniel's me older brother...
Daniel: true *sigh*
Dallis: Sky is my older sister....
3. How old are you?
Metal: 28
Daniel: 30
Dallis: 26
4. Are you a virgin?
Metal: pfff! yeah duh! ofcourse not!
Dallis: eum,no...
Daniel: I didn't had it much as my lovley brother but im not virgin yes....
5. Who's your mate/spouse?
Dallis: I actually like Metal a lot but I-
Metal: shut it Dall,but no,im currently with nobody,and no Dall,thats not a green light
Daniel: I do like somebody but....
6. Have any kids?
Daniel: nope
Dallis: oh no,I do like kids but...
Metal: ive got a daughter,Lesly
7. Favorite food?
Dallis: pie
Daniel: I don't really care about food,but I like yoghurt alot
Metal: pizza... 
8. Killed anyone?
Metal: I wish I did!
Dallis: almost.....
Daniel: meh,nope
9. Hate anyone?
Metal: quite a few,how many time ya got?
Dallis: well,hate is such a strong word,but im not good with my "father"
Daniel: same here
10. Any secrets?
Daniel:  eum,kinda
Dallis: im gay,but I think everybody already knows?
Metal: we do.....
Dallis: so whats your secret Mety?
Metal: *blushes slightly* next!
11. Love anyone?
Daniel: my family and my friends
Dallis: same,but my sister and Mety in special
Metal: my kid ofcourse.....
12. What's your eye colour?
Metal: green
Dallis: light blue
Daniel: dark blue
13. What's your skin colour?
 Metal: you mean fur right you hypogrit? black mostly with some white
Dallis: gold
Daniel: brown
14. What's your hair colour?
Metal: original black with a white stripe but ive painted in many colors and now ive shaved it off
Daniel: dark brown
Dallis: blond with some red-ish trough it
15. Ever destroyed something out of blind rage?
Metal: wanna make a list of stuff ive broken? I already said in court I aint gonna pay!
Daniel: my entire lab once
Dallis: some furnature
16. Any unusual things about you?
Metal: dude,we are werewolves,please give us good questions!
17. What do you do to relax?
Metal: jerk of
Daniel: very charming
Dallis: writhing
18. There's a person who's teasing you; what could you do?
Metal: no any intresting questions? *yawn* kick 'em in the nuts
Daniel: morph a 2th head on him
Dallis: my sister usaly beats my "teasers" to pulp,im not a fighter...
19. Let's say there's a person you really care about but she/he
doesn't know your feelings. How do you tell her/him?

Dallis: theres indeed a person like that....*glares at metal* only he knows it....
Metal: shut it Dall,and I donno,snog him right on the mouth?
Dallis: "him"?
Metal: S-shut it dall!
Daniel: flowers work best I think....
20. What is your sexuality?
Daniel: straight
Dallis: gay
Metal: stop asking me that!
21. Any last words?
Dallis: see ya!
Daniel: can I go now?
Metal: screw you WW! happy now?! can I go?


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